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Talent Management Strategies
Talent Management

Talent Management Strategies That Drive Employee Engagement Can Yield Bottom-line Results

Talent management is the process of finding the right candidate for a company position, with the right talent and skill sets to help your business achieve its goals. When you are looking for a job talent, you should consider the following attributes:

  • Find a proactive and self-motivated individual
  • Highly skilled individual
  • Honest person

Once you find the right candidates, you should employ several strategies to make sure that you get only the best person to suit the position.

Navigating ACA Compliance
Affordable Care Act

Navigating ACA Compliance

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is broad and dense. Few people have read it in its entirety, and fewer still have the expertise to understand all its elements. Much of the law has to do with new requirements for employers, including additional administrative burdens required for compliance.