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Human Capital Management

How (Not) to Hire Gen Y, Desperately Seeking Workers and More! – This Week in Human Capital Management

(Our highly subjective selection of the most interesting recent writings on Human Capital Management.)

>>How (Not) to Hire Generation Y: The Business Journals offers actionable tips on recruiting millennials based on three mistakes many Fortune 100 companies are making.

>>Desperately Seeking Workers: A Wall Street Journal blog looks at recent labor market data showing that truck drivers, window trimmers, and purchasing managers are among top job positions remaining unfilled.

>>Maternity Perks: Fortune looks at how some companies offer maternity coaches, who advise pregnant employees and managers on what to expect, as a benefit to attract and retain executive women.

>> Tackling Talent Challenges: Talent Culture offers advice on retaining talent, including flexibility and skills training.

>>Better Homes & Workplaces: Fast Company recaps some of the innovative office settings of 2014, including businesses with a rock climbing wall and disappearing desks.

>>Time for a Raise: USA Today reported that the minimum wage is set to rise in 21 states this week, with ADP data showing low-wage workers achieved faster earnings growth than higher-paid employees this year.


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