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Straight Talk from Millennials: Hiring the Next Generation of Talent

In a previous post, I interviewed ADP interns to learn the most effective ways to recruit millennials. This time, I asked recently hired, full-time millennials about their experiences, with the intention of gaining insights on retaining young talent. The responses are generalized themes that emerged.

As a new employee, what do millennials expect to receive from a company?

  • A variety of experiences. That means working with new technology (for those who are in technology fields), and taking on different projects that require us to work with different teams, meet new people, and have networking opportunities.

What qualities do millennials look for in a supervisor?

  • Millennials want to learn, be of help, and have authentic relationships. The best way to do that is by giving us clarity of thought. Help us help you by being open about your thought process and the reasoning behind your decisions.
  • Equal opportunity. No one likes supervisors who play favorites.
  • Someone who’s willing to put time into us, will challenge us, and recognize our efforts and the value we provide to the team. The supervisor should know the team member’s strengths and weaknesses, and how to improve both.
  • Clear vision. The supervisor should have a clear idea of the team’s goals, and the individual’s goals. It’ll keep the team motivated and united. Tips to supervisors: make your expectations of the full-time hire clear from day one. Try to narrow those expectations to three points to make them easy to remember. It will help dictate our reactions to any workplace situation.

What keeps millennials motivated and excited about working at a company?

  • New opportunities, new people, changing scene. Novelty is always exciting and new opportunities provide millennials with new goals to strive toward.
  • Millennials like to sense that we’re all in it together. Meetings that give an overview of the progress of the company are really helpful because they show how our work is contributing to the big picture and allow us to assess progress toward goals.
  • Feedback and rewards. These make us feel valued, and encourage us to keep contributing to the team.

What will keep millennials from going to another company?

  • Pay, growth, and recognition are the top factors that keep a millennial at a company. Staying on top of these three will help keep us from looking to other companies.
  • Supervisor mentoring. A one-on-one meeting with the supervisor to talk about how he or she has improved, and what steps are needed to succeed.
  • Workplace flexibility. Allowing millennials to work remotely, or just away from their desks, can help us enjoy our work more and be more productive.

For many employers, it may be a challenge to bridge the gap between millennials’ expectations and the companies’ current processes and policies. But most of the workforce will soon be millennials, so it will only be a matter of time until our preferred working conditions become a new norm.

How does your company compare to these preferences of millennials?

This post is written by the ADP Blog Team’s intern, Chika Kim, a millennial and a senior at Rutgers University.

This article originally appeared on the ADP@Work Blog.

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