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This Week in Human Capital Management – March Madness, Employee Engagement, and More!

(Our highly subjective selection of the most interesting recent writings on Human Capital Management.)

>>Basketball Benefits?: CNN looks at approaching March Madness as an opportunity for employee engagement, by offering perks like office pools and game watching parties.

>>Unexpected Resignations: Harvard Business Review offers tips and case studies for whenemployees resign unexpectedly.

>>Who to hire?: The HR Capitalist blog suggests that hiring less qualified, quick learners may be better for employee engagement than hiring a slightly overqualified applicant.

>>Sick Leave: Benefits Pro reports on the intensified focus on employer-paid sick leave legislation.

>>Off the Books: TLNT lists 39 reasons why your employee handbook may violate the law,according to a report from the National Labor Relations Board.

>>Best Cities for Work: Benefits Pro shares Gallup’s recent poll identifying 10 best big cities for job opportunities, with Salt Lake City and Austin topping the list.

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